[Wellness] The 4th Trimester

  • With only 1 postpartum OBGYN appointment post birth, and that being 6 whole dang weeks after the birth — there was no follow through with your medical relationship and support team for ALL that takes place to you, your baby and your home in 6 weeks.
  • With friends and family not wanting to overwhelm you, they would say things along the tune of “it will be tough at first, but it’s all well worth it” — there was no gravity in actually how hard things actually are. Why not talk about it more than that? We are (millennial generation) adults whom have voluntarily signed up for this adventure, give it to me like it is, please and thank you. I get that it’s all about your own self-discovery, but c’mon, we can be sharing more :)
  • You have to find your own pediatrician. No recommendations from my hospital care system nor OBGYN (this is such a missed opportunity for continued business in my opinion, but you know me, always blabbing about poor UX wherever I go). Being that our families don’t live in the States, there were no family referrals to lean on. Given that we are New Yorkers and most of our friends are single or not close to having babies yet, no referrals there either. Where do you even start with this in this case? Zocdoc? Haha. Thank goodness, my husband whom is a fan of OneMedical noticed they launched a pediatrician service a few months before our son arrived.
  • You have to find your own lactation consultant. No recommendations from my hospital care system nor OBGYN until after you have given birth. You are given an overwhelming amount of info day-of and don’t realize the first thing you need to do if find one asap. And one that takes insurance, is covered by your insurance bla bla bla.
  • With a pandemic on the sudden rise in NYC in early March, escalating real fast while in the hospital for just 2 days — there was a huge shift in our in-home support plans with a postpartum doula, night nurse and lactation consultant. We could not sign up for a “choose your own adventure” option anymore, we were moving real fast in the direction of just-do-it-and-figure-it-all-out-solo-with-virtual-support-and-in-isolation-to-boot.



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Crystal Merope Jeffs

Crystal Merope Jeffs

I am in flow when I mix program management, leadership development & wellness — and I’m here to write about all three of these areas. Thanks for stoppin’ by.