I think we solidified the beginnings of this idea while on a hike in Andes, NY. Or was it at the nutella coffee shop in Union Square? Or was it over a breakfast-date-mind-meld when we both were pivoting from consulting to HR? Or, was it years back when we first started sharing our girl-crush on Brené Brown? I think it started with Brené, let’s be real. We both read Daring Greatly at different parts of a year and it just happened that the topics out of that epic book orbited our conversations in every shape, form and medium. From colleagues…

For the curious minds and side hustlers: here is my story of how I opened (and later closed) a business after freelancing for a while.

TL;DR: You don’t need to have an elaborate plan to start a business, but if you are or planning to make a lot of income it’s smart for tax purposes to pass your profit and losses through a business. I highly recommend consulting a lawyer or a certified public accountant (CPA) even if you are at super early stages of your business idea, just so that you are well-versed on the subject.

My story is about the time I decided to take a break from full-time employment (mainly: full-time commitment to just one company) to transition to the freelance game…

Is operational excellence the only way to measure company success? Not really. Companies that have their operations down, invest in excellence, and are always thinking ahead, about what’s next. Is that achieving ultimate greatness then? Not really. To be great, as a company — you, your entire team, and organization need to tap into your work ethics and your company culture.

I’m here to talk about my vision.

My vision is operational greatness: the secret sauce to company health is operating models melding with people & culture. The secret sauce to success is:

  1. A strong operating model (strategy, process, tools)

A newly discovered fountain of resilience for the postpartum experiences our society doesn’t talk about. Well, at least, in 2020.

This is the third part of my series writing about a first time pregnancy of a working, mid-thirties New Yorker. First part: “Embracing change and a shift in mindset.”; Second part: “My birth story.

We felt well-prepared for my birth. Between education, classes and communication with the OBGYN team, I felt mentally ready and prepared to tackle all kinds of scenarios leading up to day-of. What I realized close to d-day is that we had no prep for what happens…

A bit of calm in the midst of the COVID-19 storm.

If you read my previous post Embracing change and a shift in mindset you’ll note that I approached the pregnancy in positive light and this is a continuation of that story and me breaking the stigma of birth horror stories.

This post is about the big day; an outward facing version of my story (the personal/intimate version is for my eyeS only :) ). Sharing your story is powerful, informative but also want to help demystify a few things. Enjoy:

Birth Plan

I filled out this lovely form to share with…

A positive story about my first pregnancy.

Let me start by stating: Every pregnancy story is different. Every birth story is unique. Every woman is different. This my story.

TL;DR: My condensed version of my takeaways from this journey are at the top; detail further down if you fancy:

Embrace the experience and empower yourself.

Give yourself the strength/power/permission to do this. Sounds hippy-dippy, I know, but have a talk with yourself, this is new territory you are walking into.

Prepare your mind.

Acknowledge what state of mind you are in. Are you an anxious person? Do you have fears or concerns? It’s the perfect time to assess your…

On attending MogulX NYC 2019.

First of, what is Mogul? It’s a tech platform and mobile app that provides tools to individuals & organizations to achieve optimal productivity, learning & growth. You can google/wikipedia your heart out. I’ve known about the tools since 2014 but I always brushed it off as another female-centric, maybe too-rah-rah-feministic-millenial-app. I’ll be honest with you, I spent a decade in web and digital and I judge a brand by its website and it’s UX respectively. I originally felt lost on Mogul’s site (and still do), but hear me out: I’m starting with the negative to…

Time management not as a process of planning but owning your own time.

Time has fascinated me ever since I was a kid. I remember going through a phase where I was challenging my family as to why we have given into a Roman emperor defining the seven-day week. Why seven days? Why X hours at school vs play/do anything time? (If you want to take a minute to nerd out on history of time and calendars and then come back, please do so here.) I’m not maniacal about time however. Perhaps it’s because I’m an only child, perhaps because…

The continuation to the journey of getting unstuck, rediscovering purpose and building my very own authentic definition of success.

If you read my latest post on “The journey to finding purpose”, this is a continuation to that post. If you haven’t, pop over there to get the scoop.

In short: I explained how I had been feeling stuck for about 6 years, dug into the detail of the turning point that helped me get unstuck and how I planned to take action. …

On being stuck, getting unstuck and understanding that purpose is ever-evolving.

This is my story on finding purpose: I realized that what I have been doing for ‘work’ the last decade, simply isn’t want I want to do when I grow up anymore.

Someone once told me “if you can remember what it was like as a kid to grow out of a size of pants or shoes, that’s what’s happening right now — you are growing out of a chapter and ready to enter a new one”. …

Crystal Merope Jeffs

I am in flow when I mix program management, leadership development & wellness — and I’m here to write about all three of these areas. Thanks for stoppin’ by.

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